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August 16, 2017

Ms. Ivanka Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Ms. Trump:

I am moved to write to you in the hope that you may be able to interact on behalf of a vast number of innocent American children who are increasingly becoming victims in the wake of necessary and prudent actions to rid our country of criminal aliens.

Unfortunately, the media has distorted the Administration's efforts to take meaningful actions even as the president has cited respect for the needs of immigrants who are law-abiding and industrious and who provide needed services in many sectors of the economy. Overshadowed in the media dialog are three to four million citizen children born in the United States. They live in constant fear that their undocumented parents will be deported, leaving them as virtual orphans. In our efforts over the past twelve years to help these children, as have other organizations, we are acutely aware of their intense fears. Many of these children have already seen their friends become homeless and placed in the custody of child protective services. The link below dramatically captures the plight of these children.


It is for these parents and for these children that we urge your help in shaping policy and support of appropriate legislation that would permit these families to stay together in this country. From our vantage point, it is not hard to imagine that such a policy would get overwhelming support from the majority of Americans.

To that end we propose permitting non-criminal undocumented immigrants --especially those with families-- to remain in this country under the following conditions:

  • Pay a fine for having entered the country illegally.
  • Receive temporary sanctions to work in the U.S. subject to periodic reviews and a renewal process that would verify that they have committed no crimes, other than the misdemeanor offense of illegal entry into the U.S.
  • Submit an application for permanent residency with the understanding that it would queue behind those of prior applicants, according to their respective country of origin. The purpose here is to ensure an orderly and merit-based system, and to avoid the appearance of anyone benefiting for having entered the country illegally.

Ms. Trump, our respectful hope is that you as a parent of young children and one who has a privileged and strong voice in the Administration will become a leading light to address this corollary immigration problem. The Wall Street Journal's editorial on August 5, 2017 strongly underscored that an ample and lawful workforce (yes, including immigrants) will spur economic growth.

We would add that such a view, in times of deep division, truly helps our country stay true to American values of fairness and justice. This is not so say that we should adopt a casual attitude toward immigration. With a secure border and visa-over-stayers substantially reduced, various sectors can openly employ sufficient workers who are subject to coherent immigration and work policies. In an orderly system, lasting benefits can also come to the newly-entered (and law-abiding) as they provide services to the American people while supporting their families under the full light of the law and our values.

Our prayers are with you and your father and the team he has assembled to lead this country to a safer and more prosperous future.


Jose R. Kennard,

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